There is this old man who lives alone in the other side of town. They say that walls do not speak but that is not true; if we were careful enough to hear them this is what they would say about this man:

“With me I carry the the weight of not having done my best. Sometimes before going to bed all these painful thoughts come into my head and even when I try to hide from them -like a turtle in its shell- I just can’t… then suddenly my face turns beet red from shame.

There are certain rules that every person should live by. One of them is to try your best to make happy the people that you care about. Sometimes it will get in the way with what you want; nevertheless you can trust that you are making the right call. I am too old to change things now. Those who I cared about are not longer here and all there is left is this empty space around me. I got all the things that I didn’t have but I lost what I had in my hands; and the person that I loved the most is now the person that I hate the most… me. ”