Sometimes I miss home. I’m not talking about my house though. I miss that place where I can be myself, where I really belong. Last night I dreamt that I was there again; a site that seems unknown to me and yet so familiar.

I wake up and realize that I’m not there yet, but then I open my window and gaze at the beautiful pines just across the street; a sense of peace fills my body. They stand strong and tall and it seems like that has been nature’s designated spot for them, but truth is that they didn’t grow up there.

Choose an honest way to live, admire the simple things, share your blessings and forget about your ego… you’ll find out that even though you are not living at your maison de rêve, you can make of any place a home. Stop feeling sorry for yourself; smile because a home is waiting for you.

P.S. If you don’t have pines nearby don’t worry… you always have the stars.