Sometimes I wonder if History is worth reading. Most of the times we remember emperors, murderers, politicians, and other people who did little for humanity and a lot for their themselves.

We forget about great inventors like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, and other enthusiasts who completely changed our world for the better. Imagine going to work on a horse, walking in the night with a candle, having to wait for weeks or months to hear from a friend in a distant city…

There are also other people who make this world a better place with their talents and who sometimes we forget: musicians, architects, scientists, teachers, writers, doctors… These are the people worth remembering, people who make your life worth it.

Sometimes we should forget about our books, ignore the overrated figures, and use our own criteria… maybe we can find a big inspiration in the person right next to us!


Sadness and Happiness

Sadness and Happiness. These two folks are as certain as Death and Taxes -I haven’t heard of someone who hasn’t met them yet-. The thing is, we should learn how to handle them: when we find Happiness we shouldn’t get sad for fear of finding Sadness and when we find Sadness we should get happy in hopes of finding Happiness…

Today I am sad but I will cheer up because I know that nothing lasts forever and what is wrong now will become right. I’ll keep my head up all the time…


ImageIn Kyoto there is a tomb. If we could hear tombs’ voices, this is what we would hear:
“I knew how to live my life. I also knew how to die my death. Because I knew that no one would die my death, I never allowed anyone to live my life.”

“From here I can see the trees full of fruits. Does the fruit cry when it leaves the tree? No. It knows well, with the hidden wisdom of things, that it carries within the seed that will give new trees and fruits.” 

“I also didn’t cry when I left this world because I knew that I carried the seed of life and that another one was going to begin with my death”. 

How many tombs are there in this Kyoto cemetery! And how many life is there in that thing that we call death!

-This text was taken from AFA.


Time is very subjective. Present, past and future are just a function of our linear mind that try to make our world easier to understand. Nevertheless I don’t let the thought of a complicated universe keep me from sleeping: The future comes and gets closer but it never arrives, because when it does it’s no longer future; it’s already present. On the other hand you can’t do much about the past, but to learn from it. Bottom-line is that there are very few things that you can do about the past and future, so focus on the present because it is the only time that exists and that you can work on. Focus on the present and it will give you good memories of your past and hopes for your future.